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Restaurant Journey in Chicago

Welcome to my personal culinary journey through Chicago!

 I've created this interactive dashboard to share my experiences and future plans with you.

The heart of the dashboard is a map, pinpointing the locations of various restaurants I've visited or plan to visit. Each restaurant is represented by a mark on the map, with the size of the mark indicating whether I've visited the restaurant or not - the larger marks indicate that i have already visited that restaurant. .


 I've, also, included a ranking chart. This chart reflects my personal ratings for the restaurants I've visited, scored out of 10. It's a quick way to see my top recommendations at a glance. As you can tell, I am not too difficult to please - unlimited bread gives a restaurant 5 extra points.

Additionally, I have added a filter by cuisine to quicker navigate through the recommendations. Whether you're in the mood for Italian, craving some Mexican, or want to try out Peruvian, you can tailor the dashboard to show only the restaurants that match your current craving.

I hope this dashboard helps you explore Chicago's vibrant dining scene and maybe even discover some new favorites. Enjoy!

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